Wow! I’m versatile!

Versatile Blogger Award

I was honored  to be twice nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by two writers whose work I thoroughly enjoy…

Jlynn Sheridan writes poetry and muses on topics both writerly and poetic. She has a unique take on the world, and a humerous streak that I personally enjoy very much. Thanks for nominating me, Jlynn!

Jennifer Chow looks at life from an Asian perspective, and uses ancient sayings and proverbs as the starting point for many of her posts. It is refreshing and valuable to look at life from a different angle now and again. I recommend it! Thanks for nominating me, Jennifer!

The rules for the award follow:

1.  Thank those who nominated you.   Check.

2.  Share seven things about yourself:

1)   I am loved by a mixed breed dog named Tanner, who is incredibly good-natured and well-behaved, except for one tiny thing. He thinks barking loudly at people is an invitation to play. He watches at the window and the moment the grandkids walk around the corner of the street, he begins barking. It’s fine for them, but tends to scare strangers, who don’t realize it’s his version of friendly. Repeated attempts at teaching him to merely wag his tail have failed.

2)   I am married to the love of my life, a retired minister. When we were dating and he talked about going to seminary, I told him to marry someone else. He solved the problem by marrying me, and going to seminary three children and ten years later, when it was far too late for me to back out.

3)   I love crumpled corn chips (or potato chips, in a pinch) on top of my ice cream.

4)   My all-time favorite series is the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I read from beginning to end every year or two. I have read each book at least twenty times.

5)   My favorite brain part is the hippocampus, a tiny bit of tissue critical to the functions of learning and memory.

6)   I am seventy-one and three quarter inches tall.

7)   When I was teaching high school Biology, I used to have poetry reciting contests with my freshmen… from memory, me versus them, no repeats allowed. (I won every year.) I also made them read science fiction and write book reports on it.

3. I should share with you fifteen blogs that I value. I will actually share fewer than that. These blogs are hereby nominated for the Versitile Blogger Award, though some have already won it…  and I am not expecting anyone to feel obligated to respond.

1) Life is Beautiful. Brief but intense. These posts move me.

2) C. Butler Write. A new blog by an amazingly talented young writer I know. This one will be worth watching!

3) Braininjuryselfrehabilitation. The title says it all. Amazing perspective from a former nurse.

4) LOOKING FOR MR GOODSTORY. Always great stuff.

5) Writing Space. Lara’s blog is polished and professional. You’ll like it, but you probably won’t find a badge there, though I am certain she has won many.

That’s all for me today. I subscribe to a number of other great blogs and will link those to my site someday (after my move from Nebraska to Austin, which is happening very soon).

4.) Contact the people you nominated. Done

5.) Post your new cool badge. Done

6.) To learn more about the Versatile blogger award:

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